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Motif #1 — Watching Over Rockport Harbor

July 2, 2012
Motif #1 facing the inner harbor in Rockport, Massachusetts

Motif #1

A Treasured Seaside Icon

Motif #1 in Rockport, Massachusetts, is a beloved seaside icon. Well known by artists and photographers worldwide, this quaint red fishing shack is one of the most painted and photographed buildings in America.


Situated on Bradley Wharf and facing the inner harbor, Motif #1 has an annual festival named after it. Motif No. 1 Day (note the alternate spelling) dates all the way back to 1949 and celebrates Rockport’s heritage of the arts with a fun-filled day of cultural events for the entire family. The festival takes place in mid May and welcomes the start of the summer tourist season. So mark your calendar for next year. There’s lots of fun to be had.

The Artistic Appeal

As a resident of Rockport, I love to photograph Motif #1. What makes it so special for me and my lens is that it constantly changes visually. So many factors have the power to influence the appearance of this proud building, including the weather, time of day, angle of the sun, reflections in the water, number of boats in the harbor, and the power of the ocean itself. Simply put, it’s never the same. Perhaps that alone explains why Motif #1 is the beacon it is for artists and photographers.

If you would like to see more images of Motif #1 — and what else Rockport has to offer —  check out my recently published article Take A Scenic Tour Along the Rockport Coastline.

Photo Info:

Camera:  Nikon D300
Lens:  Nikkor 18-200 mm
Exif Data:  ISO 200, 60 mm, f/6.3, 1/1250 sec., -1/3 EV

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~ Liz Mackney

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