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New England Sand Sculpting Festival

June 17, 2013
Revere Beach Sand Sculpture Festival

Lumber Mill Worker

Mark Your Calendars!

The 2013 New England Sand Sculpting Festival will take place from Friday, July 19th to Sunday, July 21st at Revere Beach in Revere, Massachusetts. As described on

“Revere Beach has a broad sidewalk reminiscent of an old-fashioned boardwalk. During the sand-sculpting event, a small fence is set up parallel to the sea wall. Visitors stroll along a walkway in the sand and observe the art works displayed in a temporary gallery. Artists are usually sponsored by local businesses, with familiar Boston landmarks often being the theme for the festival.

The artists adhere to strict rules during the contest. Each sculptor is given 10 tons of sand and are assigned an 18’ x 18’ square exhibit area. Work by the artists is limited to 24 hours in total length, which is spread out over several days. Forms for molding components are allowed and must be removed prior to the artworks being rated by the judges. The sand sculptures are evaluated using four categories: (1) degree of difficulty, (2) originality and creativity, (3) quality of sculpting, and (4) overall visual impact. Thousands of dollars in prize money are offered each year, which garners some of the best artists in the nation to the festival.”

Amazing Detail Crafted in Sand!

I’ve been to this event a few times and am always amazed at the talent and incredible craftsmanship of the sculptors. To see some other exhibits from a previous year’s competition, click here.

So if you’re in the area the weekend of July 19-21, definitely check out the exhibit. It’s really something to see.

Photo Info:

Camera:  Nikon D300
Lens:  Nikkor 70-200 mm
Exif Data:  ISO 200, 200 mm, f/13.0, 1/200 sec.

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~ Liz Mackney

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