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Motif #1 and The Pirate Ship Formidable

February 13, 2014
Motif Number One and the Pirate Ship Formidable

Motif #1 oversees the harbor as the pirate ship Formidable stands docked nearby

Rockport Harbor Attractions

When visiting Rockport, Massachusetts, a must-see attraction is certainly Rockport Harbor. This coastal gem is home to two favorite visitor attractions — iconic Motif #1 and the pirate ship Formidable.

Motif #1

I’ve written about Motif #1 before, as it is a favorite subject of mine to photograph. This world-renowned landmark is always a welcome sight to boats returning home to the safety of the harbor, and a favorite subject of artists and photographers alike.

Pirate Ship Formidable

The tall ship Formidable is owned and operated by Pirate Ship Charters. Captain Russ Tryder invites you to “Come sail on Tall Ship Formidable with the “Pirates of Fun” for an exciting yet relaxing experience upon the beautiful waters off Historic Cape Ann and Scenic Rockport Harbor. Sail aboard Northeast’s only traditional square-rigged tall ship.”

But that’s just a snippet of your adventure on the Formidable. Click here to learn more.

Photo Info:

Camera:  Nikon D300
Lens:  Nikkor 18-200mm
Exif Data:  1/1000s, f/5.6, ISO 200, 22mm, –1/3 EV, 3-Image HDR, PS Poster Edges

For Licensing Information or to Purchase A Print:  Email Me!

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~ Liz Mackney

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. February 13, 2014 7:55 pm

    Hello Liz,

    You need to get over there now with all this snow and get a picture of this. I’ll bet it’s just as beautiful with the snow.

    I love your work. You are the kind of photographer I aspire to be most like. Gosh, I can’t wait until all my photos come out as beautiful as yours always do.

    Have you been to Salisbury State Park to see the snowy owls? There are 3-4 of them there on a regular basis. One is on the right in the marsh area as you pull into the park. He’ll fly from there across the street to the power pole. I’m surprised he doesn’t get electrocuted. There’s an almost all white snowy further up the Park as you approach the building where they collect money in the summer. That one likes to sit in the top of the trees on the right. And there’s one that flies from lightpole to lightpole in the parking lot directly across from where they do the Go Carts in the summer. There’s a skateboard park there. I always find him on a pole right there or in that parking lot.

    There’s been another in Rye that sits on the rooftop of someone’s home. That one is more brown and a bit chunky. They’re all beautiful.

    Look forward to maybe seeing some of your owl photos here.

    Ginny Leger

    • LMP permalink*
      February 17, 2014 9:57 am

      Thanks very much Ginny for the kind words. Much appreciated. Haven’t had the chance to photograph the snowy owls yet this year, but I do have fond memories of photographing them a couple of years ago. Truly magnificent creatures!

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